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3 Tips for Washing your Satin Bonnet and Scarf

Many of us have heard of all the amazing benefits of wearing a satin bonnet at night to protect your curls from the friction of your pillowcase. Reducing the friction on your curls keeps them frizz-free and helps with retaining those inches! This is because your curls aren’t snagging on your cotton pillowcase which in turn helps to reduce the chances for breakage.

Overall, bonnets leave your hair feeling moisturised for longer! Now, not much knowledge is shared on how to care for your satin bonnet once you’ve got one. Proper care for your bonnets will extend the amount of uses you can get out of it, increase its effectiveness at keeping moisture locked into your hair and reduce friction on your curls. In this post, we’ll provide our top 3 tips for washing your satin bonnets. You’ll also be able to apply these tips to your scarfs and satin pillowcases too!

1. Wash regularly

It’s common practice to wash your satin bonnet and scarfs at least every two weeks. Where you have used a lot of products and your hair is greasy you may want to wash your satin bonnet once a week.

Handwashing your bonnet is a quick and effective alternative to machine washing. If you need to use the machine, opt for a cold wash to help preserve the satin and the vibrancy of our print! 

 2. Use sensitive-friendly detergents

We recommend this to help prevent breakouts on your forehead or rashes which may come when you use heavily scented soaps to wash your bonnet. 

3. Replace when necessary

Rotate and replace your satin bonnet or scarfs when there is excessive product buildup (lint or dried flakes), oil discolouration, overstretched elastic… For this reason, you’ll need to have a couple of options on hand to rotate when one is in the wash. Don’t be afraid to bin your bonnet when it is no longer serving its purpose. Ultimately, the heath of your curls should be your primary concern.

It really is that simple! We’ve shared our top tips for washing your satin bonnets and hope that you now have greater clarity on what to do! We’d love to know how you take care of your satin bonnets or scarfs? Join in on the conversation over on our Instagram page by clicking here.
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