Meet the Founder

I started Mercy’s Mane during the lockdown of Covid-19 because I wanted to create fun, affordable and effective hair care products specifically for hair textures like mine.

I spoke to over 100 women, many of whom felt like brands weren’t doing enough to cater for the Afro-textured hair types.

I understood how frustrating this could be when choosing products to trust in that would actually work well for our hair type. I decided to do something about it, Afterall, I have had natural hair all my life and wanted to help other women who genuinely wanted to care for their hair without all the fuss.

Whilst completing my Masters degree and working part time at a train station, I took to learning cosmetic formulation in my spare time. I made use of the resources around me and carried out even more research. I went through several moments of trial and error, particularly for my star product – Mango Nourish & Shine! I wanted to ensure that the texture, feel and smell of my products were just as premium as the raw natural ingredients that I was using. I studied the different properties of oils and herbs to ensure the effectiveness of my products.

From receiving my lab approval to blowing up on TikTok, this whole process has been amazing. I’m developing my brand day by day and hope to support and celebrate more people on their healthy hair journeys. I’ve put my passion, experience and genuine dedication to creating products which actually work and make caring for our hair type more enjoyable.