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What makes Afro hair different?

Unlike Caucasian hair types, afro-textured hair has certain properties which require a different approach in caring for it. Each of these properties make our hair type beautiful for so many different reasons. Here are just a few! Feel free to add your own reasons to this list aswell. 

1. Afro hair is unique
No two afro-textured coils are the same. Most people will have varying degree of tightly curled strands. This can range from spiral coils, loops and zig-zags. The twists and turns of our kinky texture are endless! Because of this, sebum (natural oil produced from the scalp) may have a harder time travelling down the lengths of the hair unlike our Caucasian counterparts who may find their hair tends to get greasy rather quickly. This makes our afro hair type prone to dryness.

To care for it, avoid creating friction with your strands and harsh surfaces such as a cotton pillowcase when you sleep. Opt for silk or satin scarfs, pillowcases or bonnets. Another thing you can try is to ensure that the lengths of your hair are adequately moisturised. Use the LCG method (Leave-in conditioner/ Liquid eg. water, aloe vera, Cream, Grease) to lock in moisture for longer. 

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2. Afro hair is versatile
Our hair can be styled and worn is so many different ways! Braids, buns, wigs, straightened - you name it! Switch up your hair style to express yourself and discover what suit's you the most. Ensure that you are protective styling properly (not using it as an excuse to abandon your hair for weeks on end), avoid tension to your edges and keep your ends tucked away. Where heat is used, ensure that this is done safely (prepare your hair accordingly and use heat protectant). Ultimately have fun with it!

3. Afro hair is delicate
Whilst it doesn't ask for much on a daily basis, our strands do require delicate care. We take pride in our 'washdays' to ensure our coils are well detangled, hydrated and moisturised. Remember that each kink and coil is a point for breakage so you really do want to handle your hair with care.  

4. Afro hair is elastic

She shrinks when wet. For some type 4 naturals the shrinkage is really breath-taking ! Shrinkage may also happen in response to the humidity of the atmosphere. This is a natural occurrence and should be embraced as a sign of a healthy head of hair. 

5. Afro hair is solar
She yields her energy from the sun! Kinky-coily textures grow up and out. Its a wonderful crown to carry. 

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