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Leave In Conditioner Spray

Leave In Conditioner Spray

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Size : 120ml

Hydrate your hair with the botanical infusion of hibiscus and burdock root. Transform dry, damaged and brittle hair with a light refreshing spritz.

This super-hydrating mist:

  • Helps to soothe itch.
  • Natural conditioner, nourishes the hair
  • Restores hairs softness
  • Rich in amino acids needed for hair keratin
  • Makes hair smooth and shiny, reducing frizz
  • Stimulates blood circulation to follicles

What's wrong with using tap water?

The chlorine and chloramines in tap water deplete our hair from its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle. Water found in the home is likely too harsh and hard for our delicate hair. 


Refreshing your roots

When you have a protective style such as braids, cornrows or locs, lightly mist your roots. Don't worry, this won't ruin your hairstyle! 

Moisturising routine

During the week you may find that your hair begins to feel a little bit dry. Section your hair and lightly mist working the botanical infusion into your strands. Your hair will instantly feel hydrated from within. To stop the hydration from evaporating away, seal it into your hair strands with a hair oil or hair butter. Twist away the section and move on to hydrate another section of your hair until you have hydrated your whole head.

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