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The Ultimate Detangler Brush

The Ultimate Detangler Brush

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Colour: Black

Elevate your wash days with our Ultimate Detangling brush. Effortlessly glide though the most stubborn knots and get through your detangling sessions in no time! 

Ultimate Detangler Hair Benefits

🎀 Pain Free: Glides through your hair without pulling or tugging.

🎀 Less Breakage: Say goodbye to breakage and split ends. 

🎀 Saves Time: Cut down on detangling time and simplify your routine. 

🎀 Softer, Smoother Locks: Enjoy silky, manageable hair every time you brush.

Suitable For

All hair types particularly Type 3-4

This is also a great detangler for children/kids with long or more kinky hair.

How to use the Ultimate Detangler

Always use on wet or conditioned hair for best results 

Section your hair and detangle starting from the ends working your way up to the roots 

Can be used vertically and horizontally 

Product Info

Brush is 100% Silicone 

Product Care

Do not use with Heat 

Hair Type Guide

 *Results may vary depending on hair type and correct usage of the brushes.

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